a touch of turquoise

As my 25-before-25 indicates, my bedroom is currently a sad state of affairs. Armed with only the minimal furnishings of bed, bookcase and chest of drawers, the empty white walls are pretty much begging me for some love and attention.

in need of work!

I began embarking on a search across the net for some inspiration and ideas on how to touch up my bedroom with some accents that will make it pop and come to life as well as representing myself. One thing I have completely falling in love with is the use of turquoise as an accenting colour in and around the home.

Here are a few pictures that I’ve found from various blogs or interior design sites that have embraced the beauty of using turquoise in and around the home. I particularly love it’s use in the kitchen. Turquoise can compliment a variety of colours, but the classic combination with white is unbeatable in my opinion. You simply can’t help but be reminded of the elegance and beauty of Tiffany&Co.

The best place to go for resources on all things turquoise is a blog I discovered called House of Turquoise and it is simply amazing, a mecca for all of those who have realised the beauty of this colour and it’s endless possibilities. Here is a very small assortment of pictures where turquoise has been applied for a gorgeous effect on the design.


interior design blog

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

kitchens (i have an extreme love for turquoise in the kitchen)



And finally, I just love this chandelier

source links for pictures:


House of Turquoise.

Interior Designing Blog

We Heart It


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