sunday weekly hits and misses

So yeah, I’m going to join the long list of people who have all copied whoever it was many thousands or perhaps even millions of years ago that decided the best way to sum up trends is to put them on a good/bad binary opposite list, most preferably on a Sunday. Which takes us to my oh so humble blog with a readership of one person, where I’m going to throw my two cents into the world about what I’ve loved this week and whats got me slightly down.


1. Federation Winter 11

One of my favourite New Zealand street wear labels, Federation never fails to hit the mark by mixing up feminine with masculine to give a girly look a rough edge that is top of my list desirable.

View the full collection here:Federation or hit up your credit card at their online store.

2. Industry Zen

I love Japanese food as much as the next person, but what I love even more, is when Japanese food is served to me as tapas and inside carts, bonsai trees and the most eclectic array of serving platters, bowls and plates imaginable. If you have not yet been to this gorgeous little restaurant nestled in the Viaduct on Customs St West, make a date. Industry Zen Contact.

3. Hanging with your folks

Despite the fact that I live at home, with university, work and spending time with friends, I feel that I’m practically always, ‘just missing’ my parents. ast Sunday though, I dedicated my day to catching up with my parents, had lunch, went out for a spot of shopping in New Market and I had an awesome day full of great and humorous conversation. I seriously recommend reconnecting with your folks if you feel out of touch. They’re the reason you are who you are and though it may feel like life is just too busy, make time for them. (Its also the one time when you get a free lunch and maybe a new dress if you’re lucky ).


1. Auckland Public Transport

You don’t think it could get much worse, but somehow, it always does. I believe it must be some kind of inverse challenge run by Maxx to see how frustrated they can make those of us for whom public transport is our only option. Unless we are willing to spend our entire weekly earnings on petrol and 3 days worth of parking in central Auckland, which I for one, am not. There have been two recent misses, the newly designed Northern Express buses are the first. Noticeable by their gigantic lime green asses which is complimented by an even brighter orange stripe over half the side of the bus, simply nauseating. An even more offensive blight on our lives is the new “hop” system, explained over here: your ticket to Auckland <— but it's not your ticket to Auckland, that is a lie. It is a ticket to inconveniencing entire bus loads of passengers when their cards fail to "tag off" and an electronic voice repeats over and over, "please try again", or else "go to front". It wouldn't be so bad, except it drowns out the Celine Dion piping through the bus and that is unacceptable.

2. Assignment Season

Having 2 assignments and 2 essays due within 8 days of one another and amounting to over 10,000 words, and yet you keep procrastinating with going out, uh – writing a blog haha, watching movies, facebook, stumble upon, coffees, shopping, etc.etc.etc. the list goes on and on and on. We all do it. We all feel this pain. It is self-inflicted because nobody knows even the first steps to time management and if there are people who do, well, what can I say, you’re rare indeed. Despite that, it certainly makes us feel better if we don’t blame ourselves, but just blame the courses for their ridiculous expectations. I know I am.


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