sunday hits and misses #2

Have just gone through a hugely hectic week, the onslaught of uni assignments is definitely eating up my spare time, but it is sunday and that being said, i have managed to fit in some form of a life outside of referencing, research and essay writing, some of which needs to be added to the weekly list.


1. The Library Bar/The Dining Room

If you have not yet been to this wonderfully eclectic and quirky bar nestled in Auckland’s CBD, I highly recommend going. It has a knack for capturing old world elegance and charm from the decor to the staff with a wonderfully chilled vibe that makes your glass of red go down even smoother. On (every other) Saturday there is a live jazz club night which has Fitzgerald written all over it. The Library Bar and Dining Room

2. Sing-alongs

Friday night I went to a good friend of mine’s 20th birthday drinks which was a really fantastic evening, filled with good conversation and delicious salsa. However, the true highlight of the night and something which I feel falls to the wayside as you begin to spend more time with friends in restaurants and bars rather than in their living room, is the classic group sing-along (alcohol optional). Nothing can ever really bond a group more than a very passionate rendition of Where Do The Children Play? by Cat Stevens. Spend a night in with friends, have a few drinks and then bust out the classics, it is good for the soul.

3. Jenga

This is somewhat out of order, as Jenga became an integral part of my Thursday evening. Sitting at Britomart Country Club after a delicious dinner at Covo my friend busted out a Jenga set and challenged me to a casual Jenga match (i lost, 3-2, we agreed on casual, but things got serious, and i feel it is going to place a strain on the friendship from hereafter). Jenga, along with all the other great games you played regularly as a child, is a lot of fun. Strategy is key, innuendo about the nature and morality of certain blocks is rife and the sensation of everything tumbling down around you leading to a Jenga block landing in your drink all contribute to making this a game which needs to be revived. I recommend carrying a set with you at all times, you never know when the perfect opportunity will arise for you to challenge that brooding, sexy stranger across the room to a match. Jenga is a flawless pick up strategy, just don’t forget to open with, “I like my morals like I like my Jenga blocks – loose.”


1. Breena2

All I know about Breena2 is that they live in Rotorua and her (I’m guessing) name is Bree. Breena2 is going down, an absolute miss as they won my iPhone auction and haven’t responded to me or to Trademe who I contacted to send them an angry email. My rage towards Breena2 can be summarised by my negative feedback (HA! the only way to get revenge on trademe, very sad). “very disappointed in this trader, they clearly do not have much respect for the etiquette of trademe since they seem to bid with no real intention of following through. It is really inconsiderate, they don’t consider the time or money that the seller ends up wasting when their auction is unable to close properly. Be warned if you see this person bidding, they don’t check emails or trademe and use it as a convenient excuse, when it’s actually unacceptable.” Take that Breena2.

2. University of Auckland Due Dates

Why must it all be due in the same week, or the same day? Try to stagger please. There are so many days which pass by without having an assignment due. What did these days do? I bet they feel neglected. So seriously, i just ask, why?!


One response to “sunday hits and misses #2

  1. Again, love this! Well done missy. I must say, this makes me want to come to Auckland and drink red wine and play board games with you!

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