Lighting up Auckland for the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival 049

For the past few years, Auckland has participated in celebrating the Chinese New Year by hosting a 3 day lantern festival in one of the city’s main parks, Albert Park. The event brings together an eclectic mix of beautiful Chinese lanterns, both hanging down from the tree tops as well as displays set up across the area. There are food stalls and other bright, shiny and sparkly knick-knacks available for purchase. This is a great even for celebrating the cultural diversity that makes up the melting pot of Auckland’s population and all age groups can be seen out and about to celebrate.

Here are a few snapshots I took of my favourite displays:

 photo LanternFestival034.jpg

 photo LanternFestival047.jpg

 photo LanternFestival064.jpg

 photo LanternFestival073.jpg

 photo LanternFestival074.jpg

 photo LanternFestival075.jpg

 photo LanternFestival084.jpg

 photo LanternFestival096.jpg

 photo LanternFestival106.jpg

 photo LanternFestival121.jpg


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