Paros: Where Turquoise Water Shimmers and Sparkles


First things first – one of the reasons I love Greece and the Greek Islands – this climate does amazing things for my hair. Completely integral as to why I’m plotting my run away to these island paradises. What I don’t love about the Greek Islands – mosquitos. Yes, these are a common enemy/plague/nuisance internationally, but it is only here that I have been stung on my face by the blood sucking bastards resulting in two bites directly in the centre of my forehead. Because these cunning mozzies over here are accurate, the bites are also in line. Great. At least I’ve got my hair.

Feeling worse for the wear, the Busabout team dragged our sleep deprived asses onto a ferry bright and early in the morning to head over to Paros. This ferry was a much more pleasant experience than the six hours to Mykonos and it felt like we had reached our new island destination before we had even left.

The side of Paros that we saw was definitely a lot more rustic than Mykonos, a bit sparse and less seemed to be happening. A group of us spent our afternoon on a beach that had quite dirty sand. While the water was refreshing and clear as it is everywhere around here, it wasn’t as enjoyable of an experience as Paradise Beach offered. I definitely wasn’t feeling the same level of awe and excitement I had felt about Mykonos. However, speaking with two of the girls from the group, they caught a bus to Naoussa which is on the other side of town and I believe it is meant to be the main tourist area for Paros.

On our second day most of us opted to go on the “Alexandros Paros Boat Cruise” which sails around Paris and anti-Paros islands. Having completed that day, I can now rate it as one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The water was so clear and such a bright shade of turquoise in some of the swimming spots, it felt as though the ocean had turned into one gigantic and outstandingly beautiful swimming pool. Jumping down from the boat into sparkling water armed with my dolphin floatie which I named, Pegasus, I was feeling joyful from my head to the ends of my toes. I kept having to remind myself it was all happening because it is almost difficult to properly comprehend surroundings of such an incredible magnitude.

All of us splashed around, some drank wine, we ate fresh grilled octopus on a secluded beach washed down a shot of Ouzo and agreed this was the life. Being out on the water was such a wonderful feeling, I was hyped as could be and didn’t even need alcohol to feel a buzz such was my happiness to be experiencing all that I had dreamed about with visiting the Greek Islands.


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