25 BEFORE 25

I will highlight in bold as I accomplish each goal.

here they are in no particular order:

#01: fall in love

#02: season working at a ski resort in the USA

#03: graduate university

#04: learn how to cook, and i mean, really cook

#05: give avocado another chance –  I can now happily say that I enjoy avocado! 

#06: enroll in a Master’s Degree

#07: finish decorating my bedroom (not quite this bright however)

#08: write a handwritten love letter

#09: and actually mail it

#10: write a travel blog

#11: pay off my debts

#12: move out of home

#13: purchase a marc jacobs handbag

#14: visit more art galleries and museums

#15: work on improving my photography

#16: live in new york city

#17: summer in europe

#18: give sushi another chance 

#19: throw my 21st birthday party

#20: master time management

#21: find my perfect shade of lipstick

#22: spend a day at the spa

#23: be in a committed relationship

#24: learn ballet

#25: attempt to surf

images all found on we heart it.


5 responses to “25 BEFORE 25

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    • Yeah I think that one is a bit further down the track, perhaps my 25th year? haha, I want to go out and explore the world for the next few years before I go back to uni. After 4 straight years of undergrad, I need a break from studying hahaha 🙂

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